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SilverStone Sugo Series SG09


Today we’re taking a look at SilverStone’s newest model in their popular Small Form Factor (SFF) Sugo Series. The SG09 is a drastic change from recent cases in this series as SilverStone has designed it with the maximum amount of internal space allowed to still classify this as a Small Form Factor enclosure. SilverStone has defined this limit as 23 liters. With that in mind, the internal layout makes perfect sense and you can really appreciate the SG09 from a design standpoint.

What good would a nice design be if it wasn’t functional? No worries there, the SG09 can hold enough high end components to rival a full tower build. The dimensions of 220 mm (W) x 295 mm (H) x 354 mm (D) place this firmly between a typical SFF case and a Mini Tower. The footprint still remains small, but the extra interior room allows for up to two full size graphics cards and a Micro-ATX motherboard. Let’s take a look at the specs in greater detail.


SilverStone Fortress Series FT03 MINI

The SilverStone Fortress FT03 case was launched in 2011 and was received as one of the most innovative Micro-ATX enclosures to date. Engineers designed the FT03 for “elegant integration” by building up instead of out so that the final product would have a smaller footprint.
The new FT03-MINI takes the incredibly popular design of the FT03 and shrinks it by 50%, giving it an even smaller footprint and bringing Mini-ITX/DTX to the Fortress series. The interior still uses the stack effect cooling layout, but this time it is powered by a single 140mm Air Penetrator fan. The MINI can accommodate graphics cards up to 10” in length, and has support for one 3.5” and two 2.5” hard drives or SSD’s.
Will the smaller size still allow for a powerful gaming system? Check out the full review.


SilverStone Sugo Series SG08


It’s been a while since a Sugo series case has landed in our lab for testing. The last one to be reviewed was the SG07 back in August 2010. That model earned a 9 verdict for it’s sturdy construction, good looks and many great features. While the SG07 set the bar for small form factor enclosures, SilverStone’s latest SG08 takes everything we loved about the previous model and adds some improvements. The new case sports two USB 3.0 ports, something SilverStone has included with all recent product lines. The front panel has a fresh new design, made from 10mm thick aluminum. The SG08 includes the features from the previous model like the ST60F-SG 600W custom power supply, the AP181 Air Penetrator fan, removable fan filter and positive pressure design.

Since we haven’t tested a SFF case in a while, we thought this review would be a great opportunity to change out our testbed parts. We have updated all of our components to build an ultra compact gaming system that can handle most games with ease while barely taking up any space on our cluttered desk. To find out how the SG08 did, check out the full review after the jump.


SilverStone Fortress FT03 case


The SilverStone Fortress 3 (FT03) is the newest model from the company’s Fortress series of enclosures and is quite a departure from the mid-tower cases that made the Fortress series popular. With so many different styles of cases to choose from these days it’s hard to innovate without coming across as gimmicky, but SilverStone has a purpose behind it’s design. Engineers designed this latest case for “elegant integration” by building up instead of out so that the final product will have a smaller footprint. This design allows the FT03 to be placed prominently on a desk or tucked away in a corner of the room.

In order to make the smaller enclosure, SilverStone had to limit the motherboard compatibility to Micro ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX models. This isn’t necessarily a drawback as there are plenty of boards in these form factors that can be used for a pretty extreme system if desired. There is even room to install graphics cards that are up to 13.77″ in length. Buyers can choose between silver or black case models to fit their taste, but we are testing the black model (SST-FT03B) today.


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