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SilverStone Fortress FT03 case


The SilverStone Fortress 3 (FT03) is the newest model from the company’s Fortress series of enclosures and is quite a departure from the mid-tower cases that made the Fortress series popular. With so many different styles of cases to choose from these days it’s hard to innovate without coming across as gimmicky, but SilverStone has a purpose behind it’s design. Engineers designed this latest case for “elegant integration” by building up instead of out so that the final product will have a smaller footprint. This design allows the FT03 to be placed prominently on a desk or tucked away in a corner of the room.

In order to make the smaller enclosure, SilverStone had to limit the motherboard compatibility to Micro ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX models. This isn’t necessarily a drawback as there are plenty of boards in these form factors that can be used for a pretty extreme system if desired. There is even room to install graphics cards that are up to 13.77″ in length. Buyers can choose between silver or black case models to fit their taste, but we are testing the black model (SST-FT03B) today.


New ML03 HTPC case from SilverStone to land this month


SilverStone Technology is definitely gearing up for the release of a few new computer cases very soon. Some of these prototypes were seen earlier this year at the Computex show in Taipei. When we asked them for a time frame, SilverStone responded with some specs for a case set to be released at the end of this month. The ML03 is the latest in the Milo Series of slim size HTPC cases. The case will support a full size optical drive, full size ATX PSU’s, four expansion slots, and multiple hard drives. It will also feature two USB 3.0 ports in the front that can connected to supported motherboards with a pass through cable. We are looking forward to testing this case and will have a full review right here as soon as it’s out. Other cases coming soon are the Fortress 3 (FT03), Raven 3 (RV03) and possibly a new addition to the Temjin Series as well. Check back soon!

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