The SG05 is a SFF (small form factor) case in SilverStone’s SUGO series. This little gem is similar to the Shuttle cases from the past, but allow builders to add their own components to make a truly unique system based on their needs. The SG05 will only allow Mini ITX and Mini DTX motherboards, so choosing one that suits your needs is very important when planning your build. With SFF systems gaining popularity, finding parts to fit your needs should be a fairly easy task. The SG05 comes with a high quality 300W PSU pre-installed. This will be fine for most SFF builds, but if your board supports PCI-E graphics cards, you may want to check out SilverStone’s ST45SF 450W SFX series SFF PSU. Let’s see what the SG05 has to offer, shall we?  For full specs, visit the product page at SilverStone’s website.

Packaging and Accessories

The box the SG05 ships in a plain brown box with some descriptive printing of the contents. No flashy packaging here. The foam inserts protect the case well during shipping. The case comes with a user manual, mounting screws, PSU and power cable, a replacement piece for the lower front bezel, some rubber feet, a wire tie bracket, and a slim optical adapter for mounting IDE optical drives.







The exterior is very high quality. The cover is a U shaped piece of steel that wraps around covering the top and sides of the case. The front bezel is plastic. The front panel connectors consist of two USB ports, mic and audio ports. The power and reset buttons are in the lower right hand corner. The single 120mm ,1200rpm intake fan is right up front and includes a removable dust filter. The fan itself is one of SilverStone’s golf bladed fans that work very well and are nearly silent. There are large vent openings to allow warm air to escape. There are two expansion slots on the rear of the SG05. A large dual slot video card can be installed as long as it is 9″ or smaller in length.








The inside of the SG05 has motherboard standoffs pre-installed. There is a fan grill covering the 120mm fan to prevent stray PSU cables and such from jamming in the fan blades. There is a tray for mounting the slim optical drive and a spot below it for installing a 2.5″ hard drive is desired. The 3.5″ hard drive cage mounts below that. There is room for a CPU cooler up to 82mm in height before hitting the bottom of the PSU. The front bezel is easily removed and includes a cover for the optical drive slot in case no drive is installed. There are no noise dampening features on the SG05. The hard drive cages do not include any kind of rubber grommets for the drives. The front bezel piece can be replaced if you don’t want any writing on it.












The bottom of the optical drive tray has a spot for a 2.5" hard drive


Installation was pretty smooth for the most part. There is a specific order to installing parts into a SFF chassis. The CPU, CPU cooler and memory should be installed outside of the case. Once the board is installed, plug in your power and data cables and front panel connectors before installing a video card. If a video card is installed, you may need to buy some 90 degree right angle SATA power and data cables. The hard drive area is very close to the video card slot. We used the following parts for our SFF build:

  • SilverStone SG05 SFF case
  • SilverStone NT06-E fanless CPU cooler
  • SilverStone ST45SF 450W PSU
  • SilverStone SOD01 slim optical DVD combo drive
  • Intel E8400 Core2 Duo CPU
  • Zotac G43-ITX motherboard
  • 4GB of Corsair DDR2 800 memory
  • BFG GTS 250 video card (requiring 1x 6pin power cable)








SF45SF PSU installed into the SG05


A very tight squeeze. The PSU helps cool the CPU.










Thermal tests were run using Speedfan 4.40. Two instances of Prime 95 were used to max out each CPU core for max load. 3DMark06 was used to stress the GPU for testing. Ambient room temperature is 73 Degrees Fahrenheit. The temps are very good for the SG05. Even with only a single 120mm front fan, the temps stayed well within safe margins and aren’t far from our mid-tower HAF922 case.



The SG05 performed great for our SFF build. There are a few things that could be improved to make this case even better. We would love to see some noise dampening on the hard drive bay and the power button light is very bright and proved to be distracting for our media room test. The front bezel could also have an easier method to attach it to the case, the clips that hold it in place seem delicate and we were afraid we might break them off if we weren’t careful. These are all small gripes in an otherwise great case design. The SG05 beats out many other cases in the same price point. The features the SG05 provides for the price gives it a pretty high overall score. MSRP for the SG05 is $99.99.