For those of you who regularly read the reviews on this site, you’ll find something familiar about the SilverStone ST60F-P 600W power supply. This new model in the Strider series shares an almost identical name with the ST60F. That PSU scored an eight verdict when originally reviewed and is also a fully modular part like the ST60F-P. Both models are 600W, are Active PFC, and carry the 80 Plus Bronze rating.There are some distinct differences though. The ST60F-P is a Plus model (where the P designation comes from). These are said to be more efficient than previous Strider models from SilverStone. The new model eschews the dual 32A +12V rails for a single 42A +12V. The connectors on the PSU are also color coded now for easier installation. Probably the most noticeable difference is the addition of capacitors to the ends of the PCI-E cables to filter out interference and smooth the output to connected graphics cards. Let’s see if this refresh on the ST60F measures up.  For full specs, visit the product page at SilverStone’s website.



The packaging of the ST60F-P is a lot better than the previous model. The PSU is protected by foam inserts with plenty of room for cables and accessories in the box. If you were to make a selection at a store based on packaging alone, the ST60F-P would definitely stand out. Picture one below is the side-by-side comparison between the two boxes.




The ST60F-P comes with black case screws, a set of thumb screws, velcro cable wrap, plastic tie straps, power cable, manual and product guide.



The ST60F-P definitely feels like a high quality PSU. The clean cable sheaths and fully modular design will allow for a super clean wiring job. The outside has a nice matte finish paint job. The PSU has a plain back with no dedicated power switch or voltage selector. The PSU is auto switching to match the input power that you are using. The color coded cable ends help when attaching cables with the PSU mounted inside the case. The overall look and feel is very nice for the ST60F-P.







The ST60F (left) and ST60F-P


The inside has some beefy heatsinks. The solder points on the modular cable PCB are clean and the entire PSU is well constructed. This model used a 105 degree C regulator capacitor.







Voltage Tests


The above image is the power supply voltage tolerances chart. All ATX v2.2 PSU’s should have voltages that fall between these minimum and maximum voltages.*These numbers represent only one PSU and should not speak for the entire line of power supplies. You should always check voltages on a new PSU to make sure they are within accepted ranges.

ST60F-P Voltages





The ST60F-P ran very quiet during testing and did not really add much fan noise to our PC build. The 100% modular cables are great to work with. The overall build quality is top notch as usual for SilverStone. The lack of a dedicated power switch is sad to see as these can be a great help at times. The voltage tests were within tolerances, though the +12V was a bit on the low side. We really like the capacitors on the PCI-E cables and appreciate SilverStone’s effort to provide better power to our expensive components. The ST60F-P is a worthy follow up to the ST60F and we would not have any hesitation recommending it.