The 600T from Corsair has been out for a while now and has proven to be a favorite for many PC builders. The enclosure is incredibly roomy for a mid-tower and includes some very nice cable management features to help keep a clean wiring job. Until now, the only SKU available has been for the black model. Corsair had planned to release this special white version months ago, but delayed it to give them time to perfect the paint job technique before releasing it to the public. The white edition includes a windowed side panel as well as a mesh screen that users can swap in place of the window. The screen can be loaded with up to four optional fans if additional cooling is required. Let’s check it out.


Warranty – Two years

Dimension – 20″ (H) x 23.3″ (L) x 10.4″ (W) – (507mm x 592mm x 265mm)

MB Support – ATX, mATX

Expansion Slots – 8

Form Factor – Mid-tower

Material – Steel structure with molded ABS plastic accent pieces

Drive Bays – (x4) 5.25″, (x6) 3.5″/2.5″ Drive Caddies

Cooling – (x2) 200mm Fans w/White LEDs, (x1) 120mm Fan

Front I/O – (x4) USB 2.0, (x1) USB 3.0, (x1) IEEE1394, (x1) Headphone, (x1) MIC

Power Supply – ATX (not included)


The packaging is a plain brown box with the name and specifications printed on it. The case is protected by foam inserts and covered with a cloth bag. The body of the case arrived intact, but unfortunately there was some damage to the front intake fan cover and also the mesh top cover. These parts are both held in place by a delicate spring clip mechanism. The front fan cover is shipped with tape holding it in place, but ours had ripped off and the front cover was flopping around inside of the cloth bag when we opened the box. One of the tabs used to secure it to the case had broken off and could not be found. Corsair was quick to respond when contacted and immediately sent out a replacement front cover. It’s nice to see a company fix a problem quickly and take care of it’s customers. We called in as a regular customer, so the attention we received was genuine.



front cover came loose during shipping and was damaged


top panel clips arrived broken as well


front panel with locking tab broken off on the right side


The 600T comes with a quick start manual, keys for the side panel lock, the required screws and standoffs, some tie straps and the mesh window replacement.




The outside of the case is well constructed. The plastic panels are fairly sturdy and do not bend or flex badly when the case is moved around. The color match between the metal panels and the plastic areas is done very well. The 600T is a large mid-tower at 20″ (H) x 23.3″ (L) x 10.4″ (W). The extra width comes in handy behind the motherboard area and makes routing cables very easy. The filtered front fan cover is removable by pushing on it (gently). The 5.25″ drive bay covers are also the mesh type for better airflow. The PSU area also has a removable fan filter that slides out from under the back of the case. The side panels feature latches to allow quick and easy access to the inside. The front panel features four USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, one IEEE 1394, mic and audio, and a large fan controller dial.









The interior of the 600T is all black and a nice contrast to the white exterior. Although this case cannot be used with the extended ATX motherboards, there is plenty of room for standard ATX and Micro-ATX. The interior can also house any graphics card you can currently buy. The 600T features removable hard drive cages to make room for extra long cards, or just to open up the case for better airflow from the front fan.







We used the parts from our $1500 gaming PC build to test out the 600T.

The parts used for our build:
• ASUS Sabertooth P67 Motherboard $220
• Intel Core i7-2600K 3.4 GHz LGA 1155 Processor $329
• Cooler Master Hyper 212+ CPU Cooler $35
• Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 memory (8GB) $105
• EVGA GTX 570 video card $359.99
• Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB Hard drive $60
• Corsair 600T case $180
• SilverStone ST85-P 850W PSU $149.99
• Samsung SH-S223 DVD Burner $20
• Windows 7 64bit OEM $140

Thermal tests were run using CPUID Hardware Monitor ver. 1.17.0.  Prime 95 was used to max out each CPU core for max load. Furmark 1.9.0 was used to stress the GPU for testing. Ambient room temperature was 80 Degrees Fahrenheit. GPU tests were run after manually setting the fan speed to 85%. CPU SpeedStep was disabled to prevent throttling during any part of our testing. All tests were performed with stock case fans that are included with the 600T.

Temperatures were pretty good throughout testing and dialing up the fan controller to max speed didn’t really add much noise to the system. We do recommend adding the mesh window replacement with a fan or two if more than one card will be used as our single GTX 570 reached 79 Degrees C under load. That’s high even for this card. Looking at the RV03 temps for comparison reveals the 600T’s flaws. The low speed fans don’t provide exceptional cooling even at the highest speed. The cooling potential is better with the side fans installed, but we only tested with the included stock fans and windowed side panel.


Temps are listed in Degrees Celsius



We had a great time building our gaming system with the Corsair 600T. The special edition white case may not appeal to all builders, but now there is a choice other than the standard black model. The addition of the windowed side panel and mesh window replacement adds a lot of extra value. The 600T includes the spacious interior, rubber grommet cable pass through areas and all of the cable routing features of their more expensive models at a more affordable price. We were happy to see that Corsair improved the 600T after some users noticed their graphics cards running hot. The ability to install side panel fans should definitely help in this area. We were a little disappointed that they didn’t take this opportunity to add a USB 3.0 motherboard connector to the front panel USB 3.0 port. The cable still needs to be run out the back of the case and plugged into the rear motherboard port. This is a serious oversight for any new model cases at this point. The quality of Corsair cases continues with the 600T and we would have no problem recommending it. This model retails for $179.99.